Second Photographer, Amy!

Amy is going into her fourth year with Photography by Shelly. I have had many assistants along my journey but none like Amy. Amy is an asset to both my self and my brides on their wedding day. She’s helpful, kind, organized and has an eye for detail. She’s amazing with kids.

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Fallsview Casino-Photography by Shelly
Fall Wedding- Second shooter image

This is one of my favorite photographs that Amy shot and I edited. She’s able to get the little angles that I can’t as I am shooting the entire scene.

Amy is also from the Niagara Region so she has first hand knowledge of some great places to shoot. She’s always out finding new and unique ways to better her skills.

Amy is a lot of fun (which is what you want on your wedding day right!?) and she puts up with all of my craziness!

Thanks Amy for completing my wedding days!! I couldn’t do what I do the way I do it without you!!! xo