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baby photography, newborn photography, lifestyle photography

So, I fully confess to not being a baby photographer. I think that not all photographers are experts in all fields of photography and this is not my best field. Newborn photographers have a special gift. What I can do……lifestyle!

The greatest name I have is Mother. As a mother I understand how quickly life changes in parenthood. In the beginning those changes are weekly! Sometimes daily! Now that’s something to be documented. I would love to come to your house and photograph your life with you and your baby. I don’t need perfection, I need real. Maybe she will cry. Maybe he will be gassy, maybe she will spit up all over you during the session. All that is just perfect because it’s all real life. In the moment those are the experiences that people often wish away the quickest. As a mother of teenagers I say, savor every single second.

Baby photography is precious and important. Let me document your life as it is, in all it’s gorgeous unpredictability of parenthood.

baby photography, newborn photography, lifestyle photography
parenthood, lifestyle baby photography